We recognized an unfulfilled need for victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse to quickly and easily call for help without raising suspicions. Therefore, we introduce Athena- a way to subtly get help, either through emergency contacts or emergency police enforcement, through an app which appears to be like any other. Our app specifically would appear as a trendy shopping app.

This app is coded in Swift using Apple's xcode platform. The app has five main tabs: a home page, a browsing page, a favorites page, a check out page, and a settings page. The user inputs personal information into the settings page, where directions are also outlined. The home page and browsing page are upkept for the app's facade. The favorites page allows you to send a message to an emergency contact, and the check out page allows you to send send for help from emergency law enforcement.

FirstViewController.swift pertains to the favorites page. SecondViewController.swift pertains to the browse page. ThirdViewController.swift pertains to the Home page. SettingsViewController.swift and CheckoutViewController.swift pertain to their respective pages. FavoritePopUpViewController.swift and CheckPopUpViewController.swift pertain to the windows which pop up to confirm before emergency messages are sent.

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