Tired of living in America? Don’t like the current political/economic/social climate of the USA right now? Want to move your educational journey to Canada, but don't know how and where?

Athena's here to help! Use this program to choose which Canadian University is the best match for you based on your academic standings and personal preferences!

What it does

The criteria made to match students to universities in the program were:

  • Program Ranking (Engineering, CompSci, Science, Arts, Business): 30%
  • Academic Average (GPA percentage): 25%
  • Student Budget: 20%
  • Preferred City Size: 5%
  • Preferred University Size: 5%
  • Predicted party time per week (aka vibe score): 15%

Match percentages for each university program were created using the author team's own algorithms using this criteria, and the python program returned a sorted list of profiles for the user to filter through on their own.

Challenges we ran into

In their first ever hackathon, the author team was able to overcome initial challenges of organization, living in all different cities across Canada (never seen each other in person!), and idea generation by using their creativity and by specializing in each part of this project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

With the use of this web application, the author team hopes to create a fun, easy way for high school seniors to search for potential universities. The use of this application would quicken the process of matching students with universities, giving them more time to explore these possible options on their own.

What we learned

Teamworking, working with a new language (javascript), first time doing web applications, relating python programs to website development!

What's next for Athena - Interactive University Program Explorer

  • Addition of more universities using a bigger database
  • Addition of more personal qualities and information, such as ACT scores
  • Automatic updating of university info using web scraping
  • Changing the weighting of the matching criteria using stakeholder value analysis
  • Optimizing the matching algorithm using research and data analysis
  • Improving the UI/UX of the web application
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