Many people suffer from dementia all around the world and just to perform day to day simple tasks they are dependent on others. In Georgia itself 1 out of 10 people are suffering from dementia(link_1). With this simple application, I'm trying to help them in remembering certain daily or monthly tasks which will help them become more independent and make their life easier.

What it does

With this android application, a person can save their activities/tasks like "walking the dog", "watering plants", "mobile bill payment", "cable bill payment", "pill taken"(can be for morning, evening or night). A person can retrieve their performed activities as well either by asking for all the activities performed like "show all activities" or by asking for a specified activity like "am I done with activity_name".

How I built it

I leveraged IBM-Watson assistance to recognise the intent, entities and dialog of a user. This was important since different users can type different texts but the intent of them will be similar. Next task was to save user activities in a proper context so that when we check them if it is performed or not, then we retrieve the right results.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge that I ran into was how to retrieve the activity when it is performed or to show all the activities that have already been performed.

What I learned

I learned how to divide a project into parts so that we can work on them individually and the biggest thing I learned was how to effectively organize time on a project. There were several times where I wanted to stop progress to fix a small detail, but I realized that if I didn't move on I wouldn't have a finished product at all. I also leaned IBM-Watson assistance API and different part of text recognition like entity, intent and dialog.

What's next for Athena Dementia ChatBot

It still missing some of the activities a person perform in a day, therefore first I will add those intents and recognise in the chatBot. And also, I would like to make the UX as simple as possible so that any aged person can use it.

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