Key points:

  • Desktop and Mobile friendly
  • Widely accessed my companies, easily accessed by individuals
  • Able to give details to the user forehand on what type of cutlery or container will be used
  • Easily adaptable app,, any extra fields can be easily added and seen by the user
  • The user can add extra locations
  • Companies can report on their waste reduction as a next step

Creating an app that would easy-out the process of avoiding plastic use. Lunch places locations will be shown all together with attributes such as Type of Cutlery, turning the plastic use into a choice and not a default behavior. Because the app will be added to AppExchange, users will downloaded freely. This will be an unmanaged package that will be installed for business like JustEat or Ubereats so that people will know exactly what type of cutlery will they find on the take-away.

The Story behind this app: 8 million plastic trash enters the sea from land every day Anyone can buy plastic and dispose plastic anywhere in the world. There's no difficulty, there's no design paradigm. In order to sort the plastic packaging problem we have to effectively think the entire system.

Organizations and governments are thinking how to change this process from a linear one - "buy - use - dispose" - to a complex one where the plastic would be reintroduced in other different manufacturing process. But to achieve that we need every player in the game and that takes time.

Until that happens, solutions can come in many forms. Let's take as a starting point a basic unit of measure. I am just an ordinary human, living my life, having a job, a family maybe, maybe even kids.

In one of the days of intense work I will go outside the premises to buy a take-away meal. The chances are that I will be given a plastic fork, a plastic knife in a polyester container. And this is just one day.

There are 253 working days in this year and there 104 weekend days.

253 days * (3 polluting items/day) = 759 objects per year. And that it's just me.

Being strongly aware of the behavior change that I personally must make, I have decided to start buying lunch only from the non-plastic users or reusable cutlery. After a huge leap around the block and half an hour later, I finally managed to buy a wrap.

Time is on of the most precious resources we've got. I would like to be able to make a game from that time and contribute to our Earth's health.

What if?! What if I would be able to plan my meals and decide where my next meal would be right before going out on my break.

The best way to do it is to create an app with all locations near me. The goal of the app is to reveal what type of cuttlery and/or containers they would have.

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