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Bank At Hause – Factor Xchange (BAH-FX) is a digital ecosystem developing cost effective mechanisms that advance financial inclusion in various sectors of local economies in the developing world.

A case in point is agriculture and manufacturing sectors. About thirty percent of the value in Uganda’s agricultural supply chain between farmers and consumers is lost to rot, insects, birds and other pests. (Estimates range from twenty to forty percent.) Many attempts have been made to reduce these post-harvest losses, but almost all have failed because they aim directly at changing the behavior of small farmers, who are well known for their conservatism and their resistance to changes pressed on them by organizations that are not directly involved in the supply chain.

Bank At Hause Factor Xchange selectively financing wholesalers to purchase farm produce. The solution pulls agricultural produce that is packed in insect and rot resistant three ply bags through the supply chain, ensuring superior financial returns to farmers, small traders, and to the wholesalers themselves.

Direct customers are millions of small farmers who are widely dispersed, and a few retailers and wholesalers especially exporters who are geographically concentrated, stable businesses, known to BAH-FX investors and banks, and well connected to their customers. Indirect customers are consumers. And the small traders who distribute 3-ply bags to the farmers and find ready buyers with the BAH-FX-financed wholesalers.

We need USD $50,000 to help us reach 50,000 farmers in villages, 500 Traders , 1000 Wholesalers, 1,500 Retailers and 1,000 Consumers in Kampala greater region. This financial support can help us engage experts for product development. Business development is equally important to us especially exposure that requires meeting travel and lodging costs to events in and outside Uganda.

Awards achieved include;

2018 Finalist in Uganda Development Bank iGrowth Awards in partnership with Joadah Consult, Resilient Africa Network and Makerere University.(

2018 Nominated Best Procurement/ Supply chain solution in Benzinga Global Fintech Awards in Manhattan- New York, United States (

2016 Finalist in Banking the Entrepreneur Campaign in Silicon Valley, United States.(

2017 Finalist in Data Science Africa at Nelson Mandela Institute of Science and Technology. Arusha,Tanzania

2017 World Bank Group Youth Summit committee recognition for Young Technology and Innovation Leader.

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