Last year's ATH Móvil weren't very innovative according to one of our team members. He wanted to give this year's API a really good try!

What it does

ATH Móvil Payments extends ATH Móvil's API so that it can used for eCommerce websites and mobile applications.

How we built it

By studying the API, we identified its virtues and limitations. With this in mind, we structured a complimentary API that extends ATH Móvil's functionalities. Combining the two APIs we created a mobile SDK that allows users to buy from mobile apps using ATH Móvil, and the Javascript SDK that allows doing the same for eCommerce sites.

We used various software such as Nodal for the complimentary API, Ionic framework to create APIs for both iOS and Android and various text-editors such as XCODE, WebStorm, Sublime Text, Android Studio, Brackets.

Challenges we ran into

We misunderstood parts of the API and had to do some last minute changes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've developed a simple, and yet secure, extension for ATH Móvil.

What we learned

Using Ionic we learned much about good practices in Angular JS. We're also better now at timing our projects.

What's next for ATH Móvil Payments

Implement this in the official ATH Móvil system. It would allow for a wider user base and promote use of the app.

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