Have you ever been in a situation where you found it difficult to start a conversation with someone? Whether it be at school, at a friend's huge party, or even at the library; we created an Android App that can tie together everyone with a similar interest. 'Interests' could be anything ranging from crocheting, cricket, and Hardwell, to programming in RoR, bio-nuclear physics, and the NYK's. Users can be as specific as possible and have many interests. We want to give users the ability to start a conversation with strangers having the same interests based on the proximity range of our geotracking algorithm. Our App currently supports weather lookup via Wunderground's API, Lob printing features with Lob's API, and chat capability with users having the same interests. Our Android App uses RoR and Heroku to store and parse our user data and the Python Flask framework to handle our weather data. We hope to make additional extensions of our App to tailor to current users and provide automatic hangout tracking with close friends at campus.

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