Inspired by similar projects featuring pi zero based gameboys,

What it does

Emulates Atari 2600 and some arcade machines. It was supposed to be in an Atari cartridge using a screen, But the screen won't work so we're using a monitor and the cartrage as a controller.

How I built it

Using a raspberry pi zero, small 2.5" adafruit tft. We made a button pad. We soldered a lot and then connected that to the pi. We cut out the Atari Cartridge to fit the screen(Which sadly doesn't work :( ) and the buttons.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into a lot. We had a crunch on time because I spent the whole first day writing an emulator we didn't end up using. I also didn't know how to solder before. We also have a limited amount of knowledge considering we're a group of 2 high school students. The worst part was the screen. It didn't work which kind of ruined the whole thing

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learned how to solder. Made something that works. Learned C. Had a lot of fun

What I learned

Benny:+-*/ Originally I learned C then wrote an emulator using a tutorial. We couldn't use that because we couldn't get it on the pi. We scrapped that but I learned a lot of C and how Cpus work. Also learned how to solder, and about how wiring works

What's next for Atari Pi

Make it able to emulate the whole 2600 library.

Ran out of time had to submit what we had wrote.

Built With

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