Inspired by the lack of a standard Human Trafficking reporting system, ATACK is designed to be a platform for non-profit/government agencies to collect information.

What it does

ATACK is a Human Trafficking reporting system. It provides people with the ability to report incidents of Human Trafficking, as well as provide a system for consuming report data. ATACK also has a few hardware interfaces, including a donation kiosk and a smart reporting beacon.

How we built it


The ATACK core is a web application designed to be cloud portable. Built using NodeJS, MongoDb, and Redis, ATACK is deployed in AWS, Azure and GCP.

Deployment configuration:

Hosted web app
Redis MongoDb
Google Cloud Platform App Engine Compute Engine Mongodb Atlas
Microsoft Azure App Service Azure Redis Cache* Azure Cosmos DB
Amazon Web Services Elastic Beanstalk Lightsail* Mongodb Atlas

* denotes partial implementation

ATACK Smart Reporting Beacon

The Smart Reporting Beacon is an IoT device that can both capture voice input and an image of a person reporting human trafficking. The device hardware consists of a Matrix Creator, Raspberry Pi 3 B+, and Raspberry Pi Camera. The device can transcribe and translate both English and Spanish.

This device consumes the following services:

  • Azure Congnitive Services Text Analytics
  • Azure Congnitive Services Bing Speech
  • Google Cloud Translation
  • Google Cloud Speech-to-Text
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Amazon S3 Buckets
  • Amazon Rekognition

ATACK Charity Kiosk

The Charity Kiosk is a simple IoT device designed to process donations in the form of credit card payments. Primarily a hardware component, the Charity Kiosk uses a Qualcomm Dragonboard 410c as the core platform. It interfaces with a USB HID magnetic stripe card reader, and an Arduino/Button/LedMatrix system. The Dragonboard runs a NodeJS application that reads an input dollar amount from the Arduino, and calls the API's when a card is swiped. A notification is then sent to the ATACK Cloud through Redis.

Challenges we ran into

Cloud virtual networking can be tricky.

What's next for ATACK Together

Complete transfer to AWS Serverless and AWS Aurora.

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