AT&T business hackathon proposed a solution surrounding the challenges in four industries - Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail, and Finance. Our team chose healthcare needs after finding out needs proposed by Dr. Caroline Chung.

What it does

Our tool provides personalized education for patients, their caregivers around their tumor and their radiation treatment (expected benefits and side effects).

It allows communication back to referring physicians and possibly for patients to keep and show to ER docs The tool can also provide trainee and medical staff (RN, PA) education.

Overall, it improves patient satisfaction, coordination of care, potentially efficiency of care, allows for potential future data driven care tool development.

How we built it

We utilized the 3D asset from MRI scan, narration from Dr. Chung, animated in Unity3D with Magic Leap API and hardware.

Challenges we ran into

Time constraints and we were not able to build one other critical tool to measure patients range of motion and cognitive ability utilizing Magic Leap's eye tracking functionality. The venue had wifi connection and power supply issues, and we lost some hours and concentration when it happended. Critical issue was when the outlet did not supply enough power and the laptop gradually lost power in which shut down the laptop that was used for presentation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built proof of concept within less than 24 hours work time and garnered a lot of attention from the Radiation Oncology community. It inspired people to see the potential of Augmented Reality and the healthcare innovation.

What we learned

Having the right scope, and understanding the viability in the current market was important as AT&T and Magic Leap cared about half in the unique solution and the other half in presentation.

What's next for AT&T 5G Spacial Computing Hackathon using Magic Leap

It was a great opportunity to meet other fantastic developers that created innovative solutions using AR / MR technology.

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