Asymmetrical D&D VR is a competitive multiplayer game that has been done in non-VR (Dungeon Keeper, etc) but has exciting VR potential.

What it does

One player has an overview of the dungeon but no indicator of the players movements. They must watch the adventurer who is playing in VR (using a controller to go forward and turning their head to turn) to approximate their location and spring traps appropriately.

How we built it

We examined sample files from Google's documentation and used them to create a basic scene, and used our previous networking knowledge for the pc to android setup.

Challenges we ran into

The initial setup of the sample Android project and Unity networking took us longer than expected. The build crashed or didn't install on Android for hours of debugging

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The game uses multiple technologies (bluetooth controller, cardboard, and pc/android networking), but is easily accessible with devices that many people already own.

What we learned

Update your SDKs early, and don't get bogged down trying to make something work that should work, if it's taking too long.

Test your build on the platform you're creating for, not in the Unity editor...

What's next for Asymmetrical D&D VR

With a viewer we picked up during the hackathon, we hope to add more gameplay elements (maybe more trap types or more players?) and possibly handmade assets.

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