Inspiration: I attend a local church and this has been an issue that we have been running into over the past several years. The name Asymbol is a hybrid of two similar words "assemble" and "a symbol" implying the idea that this is a place where the community can "assemble" and for it to be "a symbol" of hope for the community.

What it does: Asymbol allows us to welcome and greet our guest or those just visiting. Asymbol would also allow us to follow up with guest and visitor that would be interested in volunteering.

How we built it: Python, React, HTML, JavaScript, and Postman

Challenges we ran into: Developing the backend proved to be more difficult that what I first expected. I want to be able to take in guest basic information and allow them to check-in on their next visit using just their phone number. Scheduling follow-up emails and text thanking guest for visiting.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: I was able to get the basic framework completed. Still needs a lot of wrinkle worked out.

What we learned: Became more confident in my ability to code and problem solve.

What's next for Asymbol: I'd ultimately like to develop a QR code that quest could just scan and complete the forms on their personal device rather than waiting on an available kiosk.

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