Slack has started to disappoint us, thus forcing us to move to discord. Discord is very nice, but it lacks the major feature that we liked and relied on from Slack: Controlled entry via email. To bridge this gap, we are making a discord bot!

What it does

Asuka will take an email based on a configured parameter per discord server, and send a verification code if the domain is in the "allowed list" to prove that the user is in fact part of the allowed domain. Once verified, the bot will assign a "verified" role to allow users to participate in the normal discussion

How we built it

This bot was built on Python, utilizing the library. We are also utilizing a Redis Database to store the guild specific configurations through Google Cloud Hosting.

Challenges we ran into

One of the challenges we ran into is getting the HTTP request to work properly. Another is getting the redis database setup properly and allowing the bot to accept configuration commands while correctly storing them in the DB.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of figuring out the API, as well as overcoming challenges such as Mailgun not sending any messages.

What we learned

We've learned python,, a small lesson in Redis, Sendgrid API, and HTTP Requests

What's next for Asuka

This bot will continue to be improved, as well as made to scale so that it can be invited to discord servers around the world, removing the one gap that prevents companies from moving away from Slack. We will also work on getting a website for the public to learn and find support for Asuka.

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