Our team wanted to make a space-themed discord bot in order to gain experience in using Python and APIs. We also wanted to join the "Best Space App" category for the hackathon.

What it does

The discord bot recognizes a total of 7 commands that it will respond to in the form of a discord message. The commands are also in the form of discord messages:

  • $help returns a list of recognized commands and their functionality
  • $pce YYYY-MM-DD returns NASA's space picture of the day for a given date
  • $tlt Longitude Latitude returns a satellite image of the given longitude and latitude coordinates
  • mar$ returns a random picture of the Martian landscape taken by the Mars rovers
  • a$k {query} returns the answer to a space-related query
  • a$t YYYY-MM-DD YYYY-MM-DD returns the name and pass-by distance of the closest asteroid passing by Earth within the given time range
  • $Give me a picture of {query} returns a random picture related to the query from NASA's image database

How we built it

We used the following python libraries: discord, os, requests, random, wolframalpha, urllib.request, and random

We also used the following NASA API's: APOD, Earth, Mars Rover Photos, NASA Image and Video Library

Challenges we ran into

All of us have little coding experience and most of us have never worked with APIs before so it was a challenge to get acquainted with the libraries and APIs documentation required.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud that we were able to put together a complete, working project for our first hackathon submission

What we learned

We learned a great deal about NASA's API and how to create different functions for a discord bot.

What's next for Astronut-bot

The next step would be to add more functionality to the bot by utilizing some of the other NASA and other Space related APIs

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