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First, generating ideas about space wasn't really easy. Specially, when a lot of space simulators where done. But, we've recalled that sweet time in our childhood, when we were all obsessed with space, being an astronaut... We all knew those people, who had walked the moon, and seen the world from above. But we weren't able to get... feelings? at least some idea about how we were able to manage in space... So, here came our idea

What it does

It gives people, specially those within preschool age, ability to get hold of, what it is being an astronaut. And even guides you to the stars, or in our case your dream job.

How we built it

We used Python libraries such as Pandas(for Data) and as Flask(for web) in conjunction with HTML and CSS in order to make someone's dream come true at least on a webpage.

Challenges we ran into

1)Being scattered across the globe - That significantly increased difficulty of collaboration within those 48 hours 2)Resolving merge conflicts on Github - Multiple people working on same files at the same time wasn't the ... most convenient thing we've had 3)Creating a machine learning model in PyTorch to implement Style Transfer feature for user to be able to space style an uploaded photo

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing this project within given time constraints Coping with all challenges XD

What we learned

1)Coding without tutorial 2)Making fancy prototype with Figma 3)Flask and CSS for web development 4)How to merge multiple commits on GitHub 5)Manipulating data using Pandas

What's next for AstroNot Impossible to Reach the Stars

1) Add more information to the app to help educate people on a career as an astronaut : Detailed career path - Education, universities. 2) Complete the Style Transfer feature (Make users experience fun with “space” styling their image ) : Filtering user's photo in order to make a realistic photo from "space" excursion 3) Complete the “send information via email” feature : Being able to store your results, career guideline and even your photos from journey on your email address.

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