What it does

For the events where you want to make sure people find the tables and projects that they are looking for, Astronav makes it easy to setup and interface with a small kiosk. With an easy interface to input a map and all the information, this interactive project can be installed quickly and intuitively. Once an event begins, Astronav provides a touch interface to help attendants select desired projects or tables through categories. A compass underneath the screen rotates to show the direction to go to find what you are looking for.



1) Top 10 at PennApps XV Jan 2017
2) Best User Experience PennApps XV Jan 2017

How we built it

We wrote the code in python then the visualizations using Processing 3. The hardware is described below and the stand was made from wood and acrylic pieces.


Touchscreen - Raspberry pi with 7" touch screen Compass - Stepper Motor + driver board Lighting - Arduino, Neopixel Strip, Ping Sensor Power - USB cables, 12V power supply

Challenges we ran into

Automating the import process using python was challenging, but we managed to integrate with mongoDB to show it's usefulness with an online database. Visualization tools take some work to customize, with all the graphics written out manually, but the result is very satisfying.

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