Due to the Covid-19, everyone has to wear a mask at school. Astronauts' functional suits gave me ideas that we all can wear a technological "astronaut's suit" at school that can provide us the 100% safety to block virus, also help us study by using the computer inside the suit, etc.

What it does

The project demonstrate how the astronaut suit's technology could benefit us. Its advantages when we wear it at school in 4 different surroundings, classroom, playground, cafeteria and library!!

How we built it

I used scratch coding (all kinds of functions) to make it work

Challenges we ran into

To switch between the home page to click on the menu buttons and 4 different (classroom, playground, cafeteria and library) settings

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works switching btw the home page and 4 other settings and the introduction home page tells us the main idea with my voice too :)

What we learned

Learned how to use complicated scratch coding to apply for this project

What's next for Astronaut Suit Technology for School Use

We may develop more use from the suit and upgrade the suit to be a higher level

Built With

  • scratch
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