Astrology is so big nowadays we wondered how we could use it to inform people rather than just serve as a distraction. CoStar was a huge inspiration.

What it does

Our program tells the user their sign based on their birthday, and then a climate issue based on whether they're an Earth, Water, Fire, or Air sign (Zodiac Signs are categorized this way). It also tells them their traits, and what they can do to help based on their sign's traits. (Note: it is not an exact science).

How we built it

We used Java and Java GUIs

Challenges we ran into

JavaFx was only working for one person, so trying to fix JavaFx on everyone else's laptop only to have to give up was a big setback.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to know that we can inform users on climate based issues, and also getting the GUI to work.

What we learned

Reading in from files and sorting it accordingly.

What's next for AstroNaturals

If we could make this an app like CoStar it'd be amazing.

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