This is a mind-mapping application based on Meteor 1.2, at least as much as I can manage to write during the 2015 Meteor global hackathon.

At this point, don't mistake it for a working application !


  • meteor-base
  • mobile-experience
  • mongo
  • blaze-html-templates
  • session
  • jquery
  • tracker
  • standard-minifiers
  • es5-shim
  • ecmascript
  • autopublish - Yes, this is still work hardly begun...
  • insecure - ... So there is no point in removing those yet
  • chriswessels:hammer
  • twbs:bootstrap

Plus, of course, the unpackaged (yet) Mindmup MapJS library.

After the storm

I spent most of the time finding how to reuse the Mindmup MapJS front, which left little time to add reactivity or helper functions. Maybe in the future... after all, a collaborative mind mapping tool that can be deployed on a private network without a Ruby infra is a good thing. So maybe I'll find more time to work on this beyond the context of this hackathon, or even other interested devs will want to participate too.

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