The project is inspired by our fascination with the cosmos and the desire to provide a simple and accessible way for people to stay informed about astronomical events. We learned about the various APIs available for accessing information about these events, and we decided to build a platform that allows users to input a start and end date, and see all the relevant astronomical events that fall within that time frame.

What it does

This project allows users to search for and view future astronomical events, such as eclipses and meteor showers, as well as monitoring weathers on Mars in real life. This project is a tool that helps users plan their astronomical events viewing and filling their enthusiasm by providing them a comprehensive list of events that fall within the specified start and end dates. The project is inspired by the beauty and mystery of the universe and the desire to make it more accessible to people.

How we built it

The project taught us the importance of utilizing different technologies effectively, and how to manage and present data in a meaningful way. We are proud of what we have created, and we believe that our platform provides a valuable resource for anyone interested in the celestial events.

Challenges we ran into

The challenges we faced included integrating different APIs and finding the appropriate data sources, and presenting the information in a user-friendly manner. Moreover, we had to pick up frameworks we were not familiar with in short amount of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have developed a project that allows users to stay up to date on important astronomical events and also being able to collaborate to finish a project in short amount of time.

What we learned

We learned team-working skills and good task management strategies. Moreover, We learned to pick up frameworks we are not familiar with quickly and build upon each others' codes.

What's next for AstroEv

More functionalities for space enthusiasts !

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