We want to create an ergonomic design of a wrist wear that helps monitor and administer necessary medication in a convenient manner:

  1. Administers scopolamine
  2. Reminders to eat
  3. Reminders to exercise
  4. Monitors heart rate
  5. Pressure points
  6. Relaxing Frequencies
  • We used Autodesk Inventor for the concept
  • We used python 3 to code our wrist band

When working with the software autodesk, it was difficult to get the model to look like how we wanted. Same with the actual code, it was difficult to get it working, though we fixed our mistakes and it ended up working

Creating a program that would be displayed on the LCD when we actually create the model

We learned a few things about space exploration itself and its difficulties. We were exposed to the hardships that an astronaut faces after leaving planet earth. We also got to learn a few things about coding as we had a few mistakes that we had to learn about and then fix it

For astroband, we wish to properly design and prototype a working model. This device can significantly help the explorations of astronauts in space.

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