Motivated by future space technology and research

What it does

The brakes are applied when the rocket is approaching its target altitude and needs to decelerate.

How we built it

Overnight prototyping using SolidWorks and MLH 3D printers.

Challenges we ran into

3D print sizes were not exact, so components do not successfully fit together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Full scale rocket was modeled and simulated to predict maximum altitude, drag force, and acceleration. Using these results we were able to design an air braking system built to the drag force needed to slow the rocket down.

What we learned

When developing interlocking or moving 3D printed components, the individual parts must be slightly down-scaled due to the expansion of the materials, in order to make them fit correctly.

What's next for Astro Rocket Design - Air Brakes

In order to maintain high speed drag forces of a high powered rocket, the air braking system must have upgraded material strength using components made from higher in-fill plastic or aluminum.

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