Usually when you think of the real estate business, you think of the selling of houses and the determining of the structures placed in the community. However, before those houses and landmarks could be constructed, there had to be something available to connect them all to ensure a flowing and prosperous community - roads.

What We Made

We created a python script that, given the locations of several features of a community (such as houses, shopping centers, parks, and wooded areas) a plan for the optimal layout of roads is generated. Our algorithm organizes roads in such a way as to maximize efficiency of getting from place to place and to minimize both the financial and environmental costs of building the roads.

Once we programmatically determine the best layout for the roads, our program displays the route in a simple and colorful map displaying the roads as well as the features of the community.

The features of the community, as represented in the above images, are color-coded as follows:

grass/empty space = light green

house = brown

store = pink

park = green

forest = lime

water = blue


I (Brian) never worked with graphics in Python before, so the curve of learning how to implement the user interface was a challenge.

The concept of pathfinding is also a very difficult programming problem.

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