Ever wondered how you would be informed of any disaster striking if you were busy working on your laptop? Astrape is a chrome extension that notifies you about what is happening around you! Many a times whenever a natural calamity knocks at us, many people remain unware of its footsteps because they are busy in the corporate world. To give everyone a disaster warning before it hits them, we created extensive chrome pop-up extension, Astrape!

What it does

Astrape will not only warn you against any incoming natural calamities but will also give you a sneak-peak of any potential or on going pandemic. The API used will show the live whether details of the city with pure accuracy. The extension also comes up with the websites and resources you can reach out to in any case of emergency which will guide you to the nearest safe shelter available with medical aid.

How we built it

The project is primarily build on the fundamentals of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and API. We fetched the whether API to take the live whether details of the city and use it in our extension. The logo of the project was designed using Adobe Spark.

Challenges we ran into

Our major challenge was to make API run as it was our first attempt at it with accuracy! We also faced an issue to make our website as dynamic as possible. We overcame it by finding reliable resources and putting them up with our website so the users can directly look into the necessary websites and get helped!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The extension we built is vigilant at every moment! It is dynamic, accurate and trustable at all times. Any potential disaster is warned off before with enough time in hand. The facts and the figures shown in the extension are always correct and the website resources are in process 24/7. Astrape not only warns of any upcoming danger but also relieves the victims immediately with its dynamicity.

What we learned

Our fundamentals of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and API became even more clearer. Besides the technical aspects, we learnt the importance of teamwork and time management which certainly helped us built this vigilant project, Astrape.

What's next for Astrape

We plan to make our own website containing all the resources and first aid required at an immediate basis, We are also looking forward towards creating out own team of volunteers which can help us reach out to people in a physical mode.

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