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Fragile/Swarming Geese Simulator, is a Python program that "simulates" the behaviour of geese (a common theme around Birmingham). The main idea was to create the activity history of groups and individual geese and then plot their actions on a map (using Google Maps API). The history is stored using the database.

How to run the program.


This will start a custom "shell" that allows you to call some of the main functions of the program. You can also use RAW Python if you wish.

Inside the "shell" you can run:

jimmy = createGoose()

This will start a "wizzard" to help you define Jimmy, you can either use random data or custom data.

jimmy = createGoose()
Use random data? (y/n)
---> y

Now we have a random goose in 'jimmy'.

print jimmy

Printing 'jimmy' like that will return the hashid.

If we were to choose custom data for 'jimmy', the setup would look like this:

>_ jimmy = createGoose()
Use random data? (y/n)
---> n
name ---> Jimmy
age (d) ---> 600
span (d) ---> 600
health ---> 200
hunger ---> 300
X: 90
Y: 80
gender ---> 2
range ---> 55

Creating a clan.

>_ someclan = createClan(50,0,2)
# 50 is the number of geese.
# 0 is the X coordinate.
# 2 is the Y coordinate.

Simulating a clan.

>_ start(someclan)
# After this you are prompted to give a date.
# Then hell breaks loose!!!
# Some geese die, some are born, overall they win!


For more information on what the program can do, look at the functions defined inside source/

The program tries to connect to a database, so make sure you have one running

crate/crate # Linux/Mac

and when asked provide the ip and port:

# Should work on most machines!
ip: localhost
port: 4200

After this, Python connects to the database and stores data about the geese! AMAZING!

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