After watching a fellow hacker using Pusher for a cool real-time application, it inspired us to create a football game, allowing users to use their smartphones as virtual controllers to control an individual football player.

What it does

When connected to the URL, the system will detect whether you are using a smartphone or a computer to connect to it. If you are connecting using a smartphone, It will redirect you to a "controller" page which has a virtual joystick and a "Kick" button. The computer will be redirected to the game display where the actual game will be shown as the users control the players with their phones.

How I built it

We had built the entire system using a mix of JavaScript and css, whilst using the Pusher API. The controller and game scene were built in JavaScript whereas the website layout is in css.

Challenges I ran into

We had problems coming to terms with how to integrate Pusher into our system as it was a completely new API for us to learn. We had all also lost a bit of proficiency when it came to JavaScript, so we had to brush up on our skills!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

As a whole team, we were able to overcome the daunting Pusher API and made a very impressive game (at least in my opinion ;) ). Also, I and my team had amazing teamwork as we worked to each other's strengths and helped each other out when we could.

What I learned

I had learned how to use the Pusher API to create a JavaScript game.

What's next for AstonBall

Who know's what the future holds? ;)

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