We wanted to use some form of API, Twitter integration seemed like a fun / interactive medium to base our game off. Theme wise, who likes bugs? Not us.

What it does

You squash bugs in the most literal sense of the word.

How I built it

The game scans for a certain hashtag, chooses a random username from the posters and 'elects' them as the player. The elected tweeters username is displayed above the player, that name is then converted down to it's ASCII values and summed to create a unique seed that dictates the random generation of enemies during gameplay.

Challenges I ran into

The initial plan was for events to happen when a tweet was received, due to delays and API inexperience amongst other complexities this was not ideal for a real-time game. It'd also have been nice to elect a player based on popularity over time but once again, inexperience was a boundary here.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Working Twitter API intergration with no previous experience, utilising a social medium to determine unique gameplay. Displays the Twitter handle of the tweeter, could be tweaked in the future to allow a user to input their own handle and earn power ups based on tweet popularity.

What I learned

I learnt a lot about the Twitter API, I overcame multiple bugs and conflicts to produce working, fun gameplay.

What's next for [Aston LocalHackDay 2015] [ALPHA] Bit Slasher

The game itself is in a good place right now, I'd really like to carry on the project as I believe it may be commercially viable if more time was spent developing it, I'd love to carry on and even take it to Steam Greenlight.

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