Inspiration: One of the founders of Asthma Efficient happens to suffer from asthma (Martha) and loses things quite often. Therefore we came up with an easy solution so that asthmatics such as herself won't lose their inhaler and end up in a sticky situation.

How it works: There is a microchip attached to the side of the inhaler which will vibrate and alert the user when they are over 100 metres away from their inhaler. This will prevent them from forgetting their inhaler somewhere.

Challenges I ran into: We had a slight issue with time since we came up with our idea quite late. This resulted in us being quite stressed and flustered when things weren't working, especially when our website was not responding to its domain.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: We are proud that we managed to pull off this pitch in quite a short amount of time and managed to fit everything into place.

What I learned: We learned how to create websites, pitch decks and to keep persevering.

What's next for Asthma Efficient: Hopefully in the future we see Asthma Efficient on shelves all over the country that will aid asthmatics to keep their inhaler with them so they will not end up in a fatal situation.

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