Inspiration : Classic arcade game "Asteroids".

What it does : 3D version of the Asteroids game where your objective is to save Earth from incoming asteroids by destroying them in your little laser blasting rocket.

How I built it : I used the Unity Game Engine to make this game.

Challenges I ran into : Backface culling problem in my imported 3d models, managing of scenes, mesh collider not working for high speed bullets, postprocessing effects not working as intended amongst other minor problems.

Accomplishments that I proud of : Being able to finish so much in so little time alone along with learning and implementing so many mew features.

What I learned : Mesh generation, 3D modelling, post-processing, history of arcade games, scene management amongst so many new things.

What's next for Asteroids3D : I will add new models and galaxies with new asteroids and more challenges and import this to android.

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