What's the biggest threat to our lives, our childrens' lives, and domestic and international security as we know it?

The perpetual fear that an asteroid strike is imminent.

We wanted to do something pertaining to space and data, and wanted to a game as well, and thought we could do an intersect of the two. Now you can blast away asteroids and save the earth (while making some money on the side from mining their materials)!

What it does

Asteroid Harvester is a new take on the classic 80s arcade game, integrating real data from NASA's asteroid databases such as:

  • distance from Earth on the closest collision course
  • diameter
  • relative velocity
  • price index of the value of the elements composing the asteroid

How we built it

  • Frontend site: HTML, CSS, JS (TypeIt.js)
  • Game: Python (pygame)
  • API Requests: Python

Challenges we ran into

We were unable to extract the information from the API calls in time to add them to the game.

What we learned

We learned quite a bit about astronomy, especially how much certain asteroids are priced at (many are valued over $100 trillion each!)

What's next for Asteroid Harvester

Fully integrating the components together, and making the game 3D & VR-compatible.

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