Entry for Ludum Dare 38

Created at the Seattle VR Hackathon V

What it does

VR World with creatures you can indirectly effect.

Walk around the world, add rain or pick up inhabitants.

The World can change based on the mood of the planet.

How we built it

This experience was built for the Vive using Unity assets and other free online resources. We started with NewtonVR.

Art Assets

World Inhabitants - CHBI-09 by Cameron Nickson is licensed under CC Attribution

Also used Flowey the flower by Ghirahimlink is licensed under CC Attribution

Icons made by Freepik from is licensed by Creative Commons 3.0 BY


Ambient Ambulance - Jingle Punks | YouTube Audio Library

Nature's Cry by URAssets - Unity Asset Store

Forest Song by FoolBoyMedia -

Autumn Forest Winds by Akacie -

Challenges we ran into

We had some internet connectivity issues and found its hard to collaborate when the machine that runs the VR game, can't connect to the asset store, or other members of the team. This is why everyone should carry a flash drive in your computer bag!

Once our interactions were implemented, we tried to find a way to give players a goal so it felt more like a game, and less like a simulation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Built the AI for the creatures to walk around the world.

Created dynamic texture colors for the planet.

What we learned

How to implement wander AI on a sphere.

How to use audio mixers.

What's next for Asteroid B 385

Sleep and recording a Video of gameplay to capture the experience.

Video of people playing it at the Hackathon

Built With

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