The most significant innovations often come from the most unexpected places. People learn and experience the world through games, so why can't machines? What is more, games are much more rewarding during the development process when compared to chatbots.

We wanted to create something that resembles real intelligence, and we have done so. To achieve this unbelievable feat we used some of the most advanced machine learning methods. You can experience the evolutionary process similar to Darwinian evolution in mere hours and see whole species live and die in an instant. What a day to be alive!

What it does

The AI plays the Asteroid game inspired by the all-time favorite Atari arcade. It is fully autonomous, you sit back and watch it play as it gets better and better.

How we built it

First, we designed and made the game. Then we built the player. Our AI is built on top of neuroevolution of augmented topologies (NEAT) which enables the evolution of various species of individuals represented by dynamic neural networks with mutable parameters and topology. Asteroid game is implemented with the pygame module.

Challenges we ran into

Choosing the framework to build the game. Understanding NEAT technology and a correct way of experimentation with it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Badass AI that according to some observers passed the Turing test as they accused us of being the ones who were playing.

What we learned

NEAT principles and usage possibilities.

What's next for Asteroid AI

Addition of a second player (human or another AI) which would allow us to study evolution and phenotypes on a game theory level.

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