With recent developments in Virtual Reality, our team wanted to gain hands-on experience with some of its new technology. Using Leap Motion hardware and Unity, our team built a Desktop Game where the user controls the layer using hand motions. Our application helps to merge the virtual with reality in an interactive game.

What it does

Acting as a Robotic Collector in space, the user must catch asteroids while avoiding dangerous debris. The Robotic arms are remotely operated using a Leap Motion sensor for hand motions. The more asteroids a player collects before running out of lives, the higher they score!

How we built it

This project was built in Unity with C# and incorporated Leap Motion hardware. We experimented with the implementation of Leap Motion Hardware and decided to create an interactive game. We split the project into separate components like objects detecting touch, deletion, and constant motion. We combined our knowledge and C# code to create a working prototype of the game. Some final touches included the addition of multiple lives, a score counter, asteroid and space sprites.

Challenges we ran into

Learning and utilizing the Unity Software and C# was one challenge we ran into. Two of our three members had never used either, so there was a lot of learning involved. Another challenge we ran into was deciding on a game idea, as we had come up with a few good ones.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The overall implementation of the Leap Motion hardware is something we can all be proud of as a group. Being able to complete the game with three members, including one first time hackathon participant, is quite an accomplishment. We are also proud to have included graphics in our game, making for a more appealing and user-friendly interface.

What we learned

All of the team members either learned or refreshed their skills in Unity and C#. This hack also exposed our team members to the vast array of technology we otherwise wouldn't have access to. In less than 36 hours, we were able to learn and successfully implement a Leap Motion sensor and apply this technology to Software-related project. We look forward to continue experimenting with this technology and hope to develop our abilities to combine hardware and software.

What's next for Asteroid Adventures

Our game's immersion could be greatly increased through the use of VR. It would make the game-play much more realistic and increase player interaction by providing a more realistic visual experience.

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