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What it does

Before the meeting Save time with dedicated templates - Select one template to structure your meeting: team meeting, 1-on-1 meeting, project meeting, steering committee... Shape your agenda effortlessly - Topic, task, to discuss, decision, free text... Categorize your subjects to create a clear agenda. Engage your participants - Define your expectations for each participant for the meeting. Each attendee knows why they are invited and what they need to prepare beforehand. No more running after your participants - Aster sends follow-ups for you to make sure your participants prepare the meeting. Easy and time saving. Find all your meeting information in one place - Aster centralizes all your contributions and your participants' at the same place, so it is easy to access and to follow up.

During the meeting Let yourself be guided by the animation... - Everything is here. Your participants have previously contributed to the subjects you are covering. You can focus on the essential: the objective of your meeting. Or take the lead - Filter by categories (task, topic to discuss...) or by tags to conduct your meeting as you wish. For instance, our users favorite tags are the participants' name. Keep control over the time - Set the timer when you start a new topic. Deal with all your subjects and conclude your meeting right on schedule. Don't miss any great ideas - Attendees can contribute to the meeting in real time. That way, no important question or brilliant idea gets lost and the free-flowing communication can keep its course! Perfect for remote meetings. Ensure the success of your action plans - Assign each participant their future tasks and their deadlines. Everyone knows what is expected of them and when.

At the end of the meeting Instantly send your report when the meeting is over - Your report is ready and one click away to be sent to your participants. No waste of time nor information. Get access to all your tasks in one place - Become more efficient with all your tasks at a glance. With Aster, everything is gathered in a smart board where you can synchronize your favorite tools (Planner, Task, Trello...) Keep track of your decisions, tasks, notes in seconds - Everything is securely recorded. You can access all your meeting information. Tracking down how and when a decision has been taken or a task created has never been easier. Save time: your next meeting is already created - What about recurring meetings? It only gets better. Aster automatically creates your next meeting from the elements of your report : agenda, topics, tasks... For standalone meetings, you can always start from any report to create a new meeting with one click.

How we built it

3 years during, by interviewing our clients having bought our collaborative tools (we work on collaborative tools since 2014). Our 1 PM + 1 Product Designer + 5 engineers squad works on it, listening for our users

Challenges we ran into

With our 3 pivots, we have run into 3 big challenges:

  • in 2015: we have found our DNA: help teams to better collaborate
  • in 2016: we have begun to work with big french companies and convince them to use Aster
  • in 2020: on the road to Product Market Fit, with analyzing our power users; users using Aster daily, for all their meetings, even if they encounter bugs sometimes!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team at first. We have built this team, understanding how each member can use their strength for continuously improve Aster. And as well: 65 companies trust Aster today! And they use daily our real-time App and its many integrations!

What we learned

So many things in 6 years... Since 2014, we have learned how to convince big French companies and SMEs to use our collaborative tools with IT & security + value proposition arguments.

What's next for Aster

Becoming next OneNote, simply!

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