Inspired by ENS and Unstoppable Domains, we hope this Astar Name Service (ASN) project can be unstoppable too!

What it does

Astar Name Service is the domain name service on the Astar network. Mint your .astar domain as an NFT asset which binds to your address and set records for your website, email, twitter tag and set a description and avatar.

  • Mint an ERC721 nft and view it on
  • Bind your website, email, twitter to your domain
  • Edit avatar records to change the NFT image
  • Browse domains on the webapp

How we built it

Remix and Solidity for smart contract, React for front-end, Netlify for hosting, Namecheap for domain name and of course, Astar blockchain.

Challenges we ran into

Obtaining Astar tokens in order to deploy on Astar mainnet.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Launching Astar Name Service on Astar mainnet!

What's next for Astar Name Service

  • Browser extensions for resolving domains to wallet addresses
  • Collaboration with Astar wallet and ecosystem projects
  • Community collaborations
  • Develop single-sign on library and open-source for developers to build with
  • 1M .astar domains


The team is Bryan and Sabrina; we are team mates in a Singapore-based Web3 Agency - SMMILE. We have been participating in evm-compatible blockchain hackathons and have won prize for NFT category, as well as Best Overall Dapp award. We would love to build a winning product with Polkadot and Astar Network!

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