The mix between the creativity of NFT creators and artists and the Astar dApp & NFT staking innovation.

What it does

Astar Creators is an NFT marketplace for creators and collectors. It enables users to mint, list collections, buy, sell and stake NFTs.

How we built it

Using the VanillaJS Web 3 Boilerplate by Markeljan, Ethers.js, Bootstrap 5, Solidity and coffee.

Challenges we ran into

  • Dapp staking on Shibuya / Astar Network.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We won #1 place for Aave Grant at Hack Money 2022 and a set of other prizes.

What we learned

Astar dApp & NFT staking is promising.

What's next for Astar Creator Hub

  • Launch on Astar Network (mainnet)
  • Invite NFT creators to list their collections for sale and staking

Built With

  • astar
  • ethers
  • polkadot.js
  • remix
  • solidity
  • vanillajs
  • web3
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