The blockchain revolution brought us to consider this as the best solution to unifying all ledgers into one ledger.

What it does

Creates consensus, delivers providence, provides immutability and ensures finality of all transactions that take place in Hajj operations. Unifying the ledgers end up reducing costs, centralizing the data so no redundancy or errors occur while providing access to complete information of all parties to the Hajj Ministry. This process of bring all the parties: government, hajj groups, service providers on to a single blockchain will bring better coordination and save time and costs. Alongside this, we are developing a smart band to be integrated with the blockchain and track the people performing Hajj. The smart band will be simplistic in design with just a single button. This is done so irrespective of age or education everyone can easily use the band when and if required. The band while on the face of it only acts as an SOS/Find Me Beackon, the true beauty is under the hood. The smart band comes equipped with NFC, Bluetooth, vitals monitor, GPRS tracker, and communications module. Each module allows us to gather unprecedented data. 1) NFC (will allow EMS to swipe for health records) --Scan will allow EMS to check pre-existing conditions and basic data --Eventually, be used to integrate payments through the mobile app. 2) Bluetooth will allow connection to a mobile phone 3) Vitals monitoring - will allow tracking temperature and other vitals throughout Hajj which will be helpful in improving Hajj 4) GPRS tracking/ WIfI Tracking -Allow us to create a real-time mapping of all persons in Hajj, this will allow us to avert congestion before they take place -Grant us access to data that can help in planning for future years. -Help in tracking lost persons from a Hajj group through the app. 5) Communication module - wifi and gprs.

How we built it

Using heart and hyperledger!

Challenges we ran into

Scaling and building something in the time period.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating complicated smart contract for an actual business use case.

What we learned

Programming is hard! Pizza's shouldnt be eaten cold.

What's next for AST Blockchain for Hajj

Creating a complete functional Blockchain for Hajj with smart contracts to automate all basic transactions.

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