We were in need of a way to find out information quickly in any situation - even being abroad.

What it does

When the user sends a text to our number in the format of "[What they need] in [Where they need it]" (an example being "Nandos in MediaCityUK"), they are sent a reply of the nearest one to them. This is useful if one is abroad, where data romaing can be really expensive or when a person simply does not have enough data or battery to get them to their destination.

How we built it

Using the Twilio API and the Google Places API (within the Google Maps API), the context of the text form a request to the GoogleMaps API.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

None of us knew Python and we managed to not only learn it, but complete a working project in it (yay!).

What we learned

Listen to someone when they say the Python SDK is much easier to set up than the Java SDK in Twilio.

What's next for Assistio

When out $25 runs out (thanks for that by the way), who knows?

On a serious note, this can grow in several different ways, one can get translations for words if abroad, or simply directions to the place you would like to go to. All we'd have to do is increase the specificity of the text we recieve. For now it is for "emergency cases" and we are happy with it.

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