Nable Solutions is a startup focused on providing software solutions with a social impact. Our mission is to exploit advanced technologies to change the way people work and live, solving challenging problems that matter with innovative approaches. We always were aware of the importance of giving our contribution to change the world. Volunteerism forms part of the fabric of all societies. Global estimates place the number of volunteers worldwide at 970 million. Therefore, volunteering is an extremely effective and beneficial way to empower society and that’s the reason that sustainable living and healthy living are the challenges we interest the most. With our solution (Assistant Volunteer) we aim to maximize the impact of volunteerism in Africa and make more people willing to volunteer and engage, giving them the opportunity to give back to communities, supporting important missions.

The Solution

"Assistant Volunteer" aims to connect and support all involved parties, voluntary organizations, public agencies, citizens and companies in order to create a global platform that would help in harnessing the power of volunteering, maximizing impact for the society. Therefore, Assistant Volunteer, as an intermediary and volunteers, companies and organizations, as direct contributors, contribute to achieving sustainable development for all the SDGs goals.

Assistant Volunteer

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