Have you ever seen in movies when Director of some large corporation have a cell phone which connects to Assistant and he tells what to do? That inspired me to make a bot which will be Your personal assistant! ;)

What it does

It can take a notes. It can tell you a weather in any city which you want. It can tell a jokes. You can call him or text him :)

How I built it

I started to look into Dialogflow webhooks, Twilio then i build a Database and Node js server. Tested it with a postman. Added Weather api and Chuck Norris. And at the end created a FE (React app).

It use: DigitalOcean (Hosting a Node.js Server) Heroku PostgreSQL - database React.js - frontend Twilio - messaging. Dialogflow or - for speech to text and text to speech and ai. + Phone Gateway Weathermap api - for weather forecast in specific location. Chuck Norris - for jokes part.

Text to: 415 855 2212 <- If you will text Bot will respond threw sms messages. Call to: 415 582 6942 <- If you want to talk to a bot. Commands: Hi / How are you / What is the weather in Dallas (or any which you want) / Tell me a joke / Make a note "Visit dancing classes on Friday" /

Challenges I ran into

Challenge #1 My team overslept the event :D And they didn't came Challenge #2 University wifi access (which host event) had a Firewall! Which blocked me for 3 hours. And i was needed to run to Starbucks to finish some of my backend (Firewall blocked me from DigitalOcean and Heroku) work and then come back to the University for the front end :)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It took me about 2-3 hours to build a project.

What I learned

No matter happens dont give up! :)

What's next for Assistant Bot

Create a platform that everyone make their own bots without programming skills :) Which will make a notes over the speech or message and will be able to communicate.

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