Our inspiration were are friends who have Autism and also hearing the keynote speaker talk about her brother who is Autistic.

What it does

Assist ASD is an application made for people with autism, their caretakers and behavioral therapists. Our mobile application allows people with autism to understand social signals through image/facial recognition. In addition, the care takers are able to track their receiver in order to know events like when entering and leaving home, sleeping schedules and physical activity. Care takers not only track these events, but have measures for recording notes based ABC assessment. Lastly, all information and data is then pushed to the behavioral therapist who is able to view the metrics and data analytics in order to make more informed decisions for their patients.

How I built it

Using AGILE/SCRUM planning, we built it using technologies based on scope. After planning the project, we incorporated google's cloud service and facial recognition along with Microsoft's sentimental analytics. We incorporated Neura's API in order to get updates on the autistic person's movements such as physical activity, sleeping activity and entering or leaving designated points. We used Qualtrics in order to display data analytics of all behaviors tracked.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into API issues with Microsoft services. Initially it was a very confusing setup because they only had code for objective C. However, after playing around with the curl and python aspect it became useful. We also had an interesting adventure of scoping our project more precisely and cutting out possible technologies that we could use.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Well, we see our application having a big impact on the ASD community.

What I learned

More about the problem space of ASD and new technologies and capabilities for applications.

What's next for Assist ASD

We will user interview behavioral therapist to make sure we are solving and implementing the right features.

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