• We all have been affected by the current COVID-19 pandemic. Due to this unfortunate situation , students have shifted to online classes and adults have shifted online workspace Digital innovation is expected to have many positive outcomes in the future of education
  • As High School trying to to adjust to online classes and exams , the problem we face is not able to manage our assignment and notes which leads to a unorganized notes and loss of notes .Ultimately leading to a chaotic situation during Exams
  • We also face problems doing assignments and submitting before time So we decided to make a website that helps us

What Assigno Does for A Student?

  • It helps as student organize his assignments. Now keep all your assignments at one place!
  • The platform has an inbuilt editor to take, edit, save and manage notes.
  • It helps manage deadlines for paper and essays
  • To-Do List Ofcourse this platform has a todo list! Which student is complete without a To-Do List?
  • This platform provides a Reminders service so that you never miss a deadline!

How we built Assigno

We used the famous python library Django to build the backend of the website and we used Django-allauth for authentication. We used Html ,CSS and JavaScript to build the website and make it responsive and interactive.

We used CSS and bootstrap to give the final touches As divided the work as front end and back end between members, many times our commits didn't match and we faced a compatibility issue. Then after several discussions we finally came up with a set of rules to follow so that in every commit the front end and backend matches.

Challenges we ran into

No website is a real website without CSS bugs! Well we faced several CSS issues. After tedious efforts we finally managed to make the front end as responsive as possible .The surprising part was that our backend went smoothly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We are happy that we were able to make a really interactive website which contains various features that help a student
  • We hope to bring the community together so doing Homework becomes easier

What we learned

We ran into many bugs that we were ultimately able to solve . As it was our First Hackathon we had some trouble organizing ourselves and Time management.

As we are beginners in coding but we were able to manage it thankfully We learned how to organize ourselves and manage time which is a really important part of the Def Hacks Worldwide 3.0 we feel.

What's next for Assigno

We are hoping to build a mobile App and so we can expand our Community Adding an Environment where students can post notes and discuss questions Hoping to Grow our discord server.

We plan to add a forum feature where students can help each other out. students can view each other's notes and help each other complete assignments!

Upcoming Features

  • Android Version App
  • Forum Page
  • Doc Tool

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