The unprecedented global pandemic has led to a new form of education: digital education. With this method of delivery, Since there are several platforms used by students currently for purposes such as discussion, viewing past exams/assignments, etc., students are currently required to switch regularly. Additionally, discussions about certain questions in an assignment are buried in group chats with several ongoing conversations so they are not easily accessible.

What it does

A discussion forum will be displayed right next to the newly uploaded assignment questions so students do not have to scroll through multiple pages of the overall course discussion board (such as piazza). Each assignment is broken down into its individual questions, with an associated discussion board. A poll for each subject so students can input their estimated level of difficult, time spent, etc. Then, a MATLAB visualization allows future students to see the expected difficulty and time needed to complete the assessment (based on previous students data).

How I built it

We used a combination of HTML and CSS and Javascript to create the website and discussion board. This was done using the Visual Studio IDE. Matlab was used to import Google Spreadsheet data and create the data visualizations.

Challenges I ran into

The greatest hurdle in this project stemmed from our teams complete lack of experience in any web development. We had also only completed the introductory MATLAB tutorial a couple days before the event. During the event, we completed several tutorials to learn the necessary skills that later allowed us to develop a website with MATLAB data visualization integrated. For instance, when linking MATLAB and Google sheets so it auto updates as the poll results come in, 2h worth of research and tutorials were completed for relatively few lines of code. Our inexperience lent itself to inefficiency. We eventually used an online MATLAB so could just link a website to a website.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are complete beginners and we created a website within 24 hours. We are proud of all that we have learned through this hackathon.

What I learned

We learned how to code in HTML, CSS, Javascript. We also ameliorated our MATLAB skills.

What's next

We plan to include more pages on the site. They would navigate to different majors, courses, and assignments. We would also like the MATLAB graph to be displayed automatically instead of requiring logging in to an online MATLAB.

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