During my working life, in different sectors and roles what I have been able to observe is how much the distribution of work, when dependent on a team leader, is sometimes linked to factors other than the skills themselves. This sometimes results in an unbalanced workload between the same team figures that lead the same members to be dissatisfied or to consult each other to propose a redistribution of the task (life experiences).

Jira, thanks to reporting, offers an expert user the solution to this problem but requires a certain commitment of interpretation and time and in some possible uses of Jira it may not be used.

Assignee optimizer is a quick and easy first approach for optimizing the assignment of tasks to various users in simple work contexts.

In order to ensure optimal management of Jira and avoid entropy, Assignee Optimizer consists of an administration page accessible only to administrators in order to assign users their working role. To avoid typos or excessive proliferation, the roles are selected from a predefined list.

After the issue is assigned and when the view itself is refreshed, the panel will show information relating to the number of issues assigned and will suggest a possible replacement.

The results will change according to the visibility permissions and this will make them reliable in the working context (showing only those that interest the leader in question).

This is the first time that I have developed a plugin for Jira and participating in this codegaist 2021 has allowed me to get closer to Atlassian forge a react and javascript that I did not know and learn the basics even if in the future I hope to deepen the subject (work permitting) , it also allowed me to learn more about the Jira cloud rest api. I intend to improve the code, as I acquire skills, to make it more performing and reduce the rest calls.

Among the possible future implementations I foresee in the administration page the possibility to independently implement the items that will be used later in the working roles, any user feedback to inform him that the operation has been successful and an improvement of the algorithm for the suggestion of the assignee. Also at the issue panel level I would like to implement a better aspect.

The recovery of users represents a complex aspect that led me to recover all the users (I preferred so rather than the creation of a special group that would have required more effort from the site admin / jira admin and less ease of use). In this regard, I would suggest the inclusion of a property that allows you to distinguish the users related to the installed plugins from the others.

Thank you very much for your time

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posted an update

Released 5.5.0 Major Release (please uninstall e reinstall again to try new version)
  • Assignee optimizer work for all users not more only for site admin
  • Improved perfomance (40% faster)
  • Added relative feature (suggested assignee is now relative to projects visibility)

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