The tokenization of assets is disrupting the financial industry. Are you ready? Only institutions that engage with the technology, plan for the future, and adapt to the realities will thrive.

What it does

Asseto is a platform to issue, manage and exchange digital assets. Via easy, featured and usable wizards, you can create any kind of digital assets, either on a fully customized way, or specialized theme workflow ( funds, bonds, carbon credits,etc). Once created, tokens are listed on asseto market enabling purchases and token exchange.

How we built it

We have created 2 web applications integrated with 1 backend and Oxiles event bridge. We added transfer event information gathering to Oxiles, from DragonGlass. Using HTS token creation + HCS app messages, we coordinated asset transactions listening, to orquestrate token creation, issuance, and transfer/purchase. At the end of our journey we decided to add a wrapped EUR, interconnecting FIAT to crypto.

Challenges we ran into

Implementing a token to hbar swap, and a token to token swap. Coordination was tricky and complex at the beginning. Various transfers, including wrapped EUR; plus HCS message coordination was the most complex part to achieve.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have been able to coordinate HCS and HTS, to create, issue and exchange digital assets on a transparent and very usable way, for the end user. In addition we have wrapped a real EUR ( we can, leverage an a e-money license, and an ethereum blockchain based solution (

What we learned

We learned how to create, whitelist, kyc, operate and transfer tokens. Associate token was a nice finding compared to other blockchain platforms.

What's next for Asseto - The hedera digital asset platform

. Custom DSL language and template to drag and drop like token building

  • Implement native token swap on hedera via solidity smart contract, HTS and the support of the Hedera Team
  • Build on chain, native behaviour, restrictions and taxonomy of tokens, integrating HTS with smart contract execution, following the paths of Ethereum standards like EIP 1400 or 2020.
  • Ethereum to Hedera crosschain swap, with hash time locks

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