We have an app for Confluence that does very well - it is called ConfiForms ( But we always wanted to build something for Jira. And the natural choice has been to create something around teh domain we know best - "forms". And here it is - AssetForms for Jira (cloud)

What it does

It helps you to register and manage company assets right in your Jira.

How I built it

Using Atlassian connect / spring boot

Challenges I ran into

Asset API in Jira cloud is unfortunately very limited and we struggle very much to fulfil customer requirements and wishes because of that

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Got first clients in under a week! :-)

What I learned

That we need to get a closer contact with Atlassian, and specifically with Assets API team to understand their plans and plan our work accordingly

What's next for AssetForms for Jira

Hopefully the limitations of the Asset APIs in Jira will be lifted and Assets API will have more attention and gets new features, so we can extend our app and integrate it deeper into Jira

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