The future of monetary value is always shifting. Along with this constant change, comes the re-evaluation of traditionally secure commodities with historical connections to central banking - gold being the most prominent throughout modern history [1]. Storing value in a physical state like Gold or Silver bullion has the natural benefit of direct and transparent observation of such assets by whomever is their custodian. Ensuring trust in a third party custodian of private physical assets requires impermeable communication, and absolute security.

A problem arises when each process is implied but left invalidated, in near-real time, by the actual owner of such assets. How may one ensure that the assets they entrust to a custodian are always secure and that the value of such assets primarily remain in the owners control [2]?

A solution exists in a concept called Proof of State [5]. To be able to near-immutably confirm the physical existence of an asset by sensory stimulus - touching an asset ensures that it has the greatest opportunity of being real. Using various sensor arrays combined with DLT, the ability to ensure physical proof of state exists.

Imagine a secure vault in space containing more potential gold than any one nation on Earth. Imagine this vault was actually an organic asteroid in the asteroid belt [3]. The contents of that object, in that specific location in space, can be validated from Earth with modern technology.

During the 1849 California Gold Rush, a similar concept known as a 'staked claim' existed which provided the ability for pre-extraction financing [4]. We propose a modernized approach with a similar structure.

Loxbox calls this process 'poke and prod' (P&P). In order to ensure the existence of an asset increases the utility of that asset, confirmation of it's existence is beneficial as long as the process does not introduce friction or expense to the owner or the custodian.

Poking an object to prove that it exists allows an immutable record of that asset's current value and state. A historical ledger of all potential proof of state validations can be seen during this process. By ensuring the providence and utility of an asset, derivative financial contracts can be created based on that validation.

An interesting opportunity exists when exploring multiple relativistic observations occurring at the same time on the same asset. Specifically, does the value of the asset increase exponentially based on a correlated increase in the want to prove it's actual value.

Can providing the custodial service of proof of state via 'P&P' enable re-syndication of short term derivative debt based on the speculation of the true value of that asset at any one time held in conflict by any two observers?

Space exploration is bringing new opportunities for Earth-scarce compound extractions which may impact speculative markets as well as terrestrial extraction firms. We see an opportunity to explore asset custodianship with increased trust and transparency by removing the human condition of securing the assets, and redefining the human condition in believing their value is valid with direct sensory-based observations.






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