Due to certain limitations in the discovery probe in Freshservice, it's difficult to automate the process of adding relationships to any asset. Hence, generally, users prefer doing a manual job. But this manual job process alone is little hectic when they have to add more than one relationship to different assets (it involves a lot of navigational operation and time).

What it does

Asset Relationship Builder - allows the user to manage the asset relationships from one commonplace rather than going to different asset pages and doing it manually for independent relations

How we built it

Brick by brick through our tears and sweat (from Pizzas and Redbull).

Challenges we ran into

We did not have a front-end dedicated person. We are a few backend developers and designers who don't have any idea about front-end coding. So that coding front-end was a challenge

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to successfully complete the project

What we learned

Front-end coding

What's next for Asset Relationship Builder

Showing the impacts over any affected asset in any change or tickets

Built With

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