Assets require maintenance with the passage of time. If not maintained properly their worth or market values reduce with every passing day. Nowadays, people are so busy in their hectic routines that in most cases, they find it very hard to pay attention to the maintenance of their valuable assets, which results in a significant decrease in asset’s market value.

To keep one’s assets in the best condition, this application generates alerts and reminds an individual about the tasks that are necessary for the maintenance of assets. It also helps an individual in decision making and mitigates risks by generating “Assets Reliability Graph”. This graph shows which asset is more reliable by comparing assets (of a particular category) with each other, on the basis of their repair count. Thus, it helps the user in making decisions like which car to drive for a long route, in case the user has multiple cars.

Asset Manager runs on any Android phone or tablet having Android 2.3 or later versions. It stores information about user's assets and their related maintenance tasks in an organized manner in SQLite database. User can schedule tasks with respect to time or with respect to asset usage. Recurrent tasks can be scheduled as well. The application generates alerts, warnings, and notifications for those tasks and keeps track of repairs done to an asset, on the basis of which it generates "Assets Reliability Graph".

As it was my first Android application, so it forms the foundation of my knowledge about Android application development.

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