Living in Harris County means there could be flash floods, tropical storms and Hurricane. Local government agency must know and track their assets and be ready for water rescues.

What it does

A person with an iphone and our app can take pictures of a boat, generator, trailer or laptop and the record will be created in Quickbase with a unique QR code for the asset. The QR code can be used to search for the asset and checked out.

There are two pipelines that are triggered on Check In and Check out to record the transaction for historical auditing.

An image must have 95% confidence in order to be classified correctly otherwise it will be unknown. We trained the model by using 20 images of each type (boats, generators, trailers and laptops). It can be trained for other assets as well.

How we built it

We built it the iphone app using Swift and IOS. We built the webservice to recognize images

Challenges we ran into

Defining scope. Did we want to track the person and the asset in real time also? Are there privacy concerns. The QB mobile app couldn't send location data persistently.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Image recognition and a QR code integration with Google charts for minimum coding.

What we learned

Quickbase is simple to use and is powerful with its integration capabilites.

What's next for Asset Image and QR codes

Docusign integration for signing

Built With

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